Watch video for “Golden Goblet Of Fornication”
Postado em 26/11/2021

It’s time to meet the second single from NervoChaos’ upcoming full lenght, “All Colors Of Darkness”. The single from “Golden Goblet Of Fornication” is, from the first second of the song, an aggressive and technically strong track, with a vocal attack that recalls Sepultura’s first records, among others from that time. The more Thrash riff in the middle part brings a welcome break from the song’s wild onslaught while showing off the band’s full firepower. And the official video that accompanies the song, completely black and ritualistic, shows this atmosphere to perfection.

Watch here:

Fed up with the fashions that invaded the scene, NervoChaos was formed in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1996, with the clear idea of ​​creating aggressive, chaotic and extreme music.

The band gained the status of ‘cult’ on the scene due to the hard work they developed over the past 25 years, proposing a sound quite their own. NervoChaos has nine studio albums in their discography and are constantly on tour worldwide to promote their releases, with an impressive average of 100 concerts per year, between clubs and festivals.

The album “All Colors Of Darkness” will be released in LP (black vinyl and orange vinyl, each limited to 300 units), CD and digital format, via Emanzipation Productions, on February 11, 2021. national release.

The formation of NervoChaos brings Edu Lane (drums), Luiz ‘Quinho’ Parisi (guitar), Woesley Johann (guitar), Brian Stone (vocals) and Pedro Lemes (bass)

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