NervoChaos and Vazio announce Brazilian tour
Postado em 17/02/2022

Nervochaos E VazioTwo of the most active names in national extreme metal today, the bands NervoChaos and Vazio, announce a 10-date tour, between June and July 2022 .

NervoChaos is promoting their new studio album, “All Colors Of Darkness”, released on 02/11 – in addition to the re-recording disc, “Dug Up… Diabolical Reincarnations”, released last November. The band has Brian Stone (vocals), Woesley Johann (guitar), Luiz “Quinho” Parisi (guitar), Pedro Lemes (bass) and Edu Lane (drums). These shows are also part of the band’s 25th anniversary celebration, which began last year.

Considered one of the great revelations of Black Metal today, Vazio presents songs from the renowned “Eterno Aeon Obscuro”, their debut album, released in 2020. Although formed in 2016, Vazio has experienced musicians from the scene, with passages through several bands from the national underground. The lineup of Vazio features Renato Gimenez (vocals and guitar), Eric Nefus (guitar), Nilson Slaughter (bass) and Daniel Vecchi (drums).

Check out the NervoChaos and Vazio tour dates:

-23.06 – São Paulo, SP @ Bay Area Studios
Info: @bayareaestudios

– 24.06 – Linhares, ES @ Rancho Mineiro

– 25.06 – Goiania, GO @ Capim Pub
Info: @tbontbrec

– 26.06 – Florianopolis, SC @ Cella showcase
Info: @celulashowcase

– 06.28 – Curitiba, PR @ Basement

– 06.29 – Londrina, PR @ Captivity
Info: @cativeirobar

– 06.30 – Maringá/PR @ Tribes bar
Info: @tribobarmga

– 01.07 – Campo Grande, MS @ Casa da Árvore
Info: @espacocasanaarvorecg

– 02.07 – Palmas,TO @ Tendencies Bar
Info: @tendenciesrock

– 03.07 – São Paulo, SP @ Iglesia La Borratxeria (with Genocide and Siegried Ingrid)
Info: @iglesia_laborratxeria

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