New album “ALL COLORS OF DARKNESS” now available
Postado em 12/02/2022

Nervochaos All Colors Of Darkness AlbumOutside countries tend to see South American countries as “exotic”. But we can assure you that there is nothing exotic about having a large part of the population struggling for basic necessities, high crime rates and government after government doing nothing to change the situation.

That’s why bands like NervoChaos have a vibe of brutality and authenticity. They’re not doing “South American death metal”. They simply took their harsh reality, plus the influences of death metal bands like Morbid Angel, Vader and Sinister, and spit it out as aggressively as they could. It is clear that NervoChaos, with 25 years on the road, is part of the oldest generation of the Brazilian extreme scene – along with Sepultura, Krisiun, Rebaelliun or Abhorrence, just to name a few – they have the experience, the pedigree and the technical know-how to detonate there.

That’s exactly what “All Colors Of Darkness”, the tenth (!) studio album by the São Paulo quintet, is: black death metal, done in the most abrasive way a band can do, with the brutal atmosphere we can expect from Brazilian bands of extreme metal. With lyrical themes that revolve around the ‘darkest realms of Satanism and black magic’, NervoChaos summons ‘death metal’ as few bands can do these days – with a brutal, technical approach and an effective depth to the themes. . You could see the buzzards flying outside the rehearsal room during song creation, but overall it’s all death metal and darkness on “All Colors Of Darkness”.

“All Colors Of Darkness” is out today on CD and digital formats via Emanzipation Productions in Europe and the US; and via Tumba Records/Xaninho Discos/Voice Music in Brazil. The LP edition (black and transparent orange vinyls, each limited to 300 units) will be available in May abroad and in the second half of the year in Brazil. Orders are available here:

Fed up with all the modinhas flooding the scene, NervoChaos was born in São Paulo – Brazil in the spring of 1996, with the idea of ​​creating extreme, aggressive and chaotic music.

NervoChaos has gained cult status in the music scene due to their hard work over the past 25 years, delivering sonic extravaganza in their own unique way. The group has ten studio albums and is constantly touring the world to promote their releases, playing around 100 shows a year – from clubs to festivals.

The lineup features Brian Stone (vocals), Luiz ‘Quinho’ Parisi (guitar), Woesley Johann (guitar), Pedro Lemes (bass) and Edu Lane (drums).

“All Colors Of Darkness” tracklist:

Wage War On The Gods
Golden Goblet Of Fornication
Dragged To Hell
Beyond The Astral
All Colors Of Darkness
Gate Of Zax
Umbrae Mortis
Suffer In Seclusion
Demonomania (The Misfits cover, feat. João Gordo)
Three Shades Of Black (Hank III cover, feat. Wayne Hancock)

Check out some reactions to “All Colors Of Darkness”, around the world:

“The record is a wonderfully brutal cluster bomb that really gets you excited” – Rock Hard Magazine 8/10

“Fans passionate about death metal and brutal sound might have to put this on their “wanted list”” – Musika 90/100

“The songs rock like the pistons of an American gas truck” – Scream Magazine 4/6

“The intensity is thick enough to cut and the level of brutality is just below the ceiling” – Metal Only 9/10

“Highly recommended material for extreme metal fans” – Metallerium 8/10

“The hard riffs, dramatic beats, and dark lyrics make “All Colors Of Darkness” a fabulous trip to hell, which you’ll face with an open heart” – 4/5

“A high-adrenaline, musically consistent record, with many interesting and captivating parts” – Metal World

“Very nice and totally recommended” – Metal Bite

“All Colors of Darkness” easily handles Old School Death Metal influences as much as other styles in the genre, creating a striking contrast” – Acta Infernalis 80/100

“Thirty-two minutes of full and true strength” – 8.5/10

“A surreal journey on a rusty train that cannot be stopped” – Deadly Storm Zine

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