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Pazuzu Is Here

The single “Pazuzu is Here”, which will be on the re-record album “Dug Up… Diabolical Reincarnations”, in celebration of NervoChaos’ 25 uninterrupted years, is now available on the main streaming platforms.

Hear the revamped version of the brutal “Pazuzu Is Here” now:
– Spotify:…
– Youtube:
– Apple Music:…/pazuzu-is-here-single/1581118037
– Deezer:

“Dug Up… Diabolical Reincarnations” will feature re-records of three songs from each of the first four albums, “Pay Back Time” (1998), “Legion of Spirits Infernal” (2002), “Quarrel In Hell” (2006) and “Battalions Of Hate” (2010) – as a bonus, there will still be a song from the sixth album, “The Art Of Vengeance” (2014).

The album was recorded at Abracadaver Studio, in São Paulo in May 2021, by Adriano Daga and Addasi. The production was in charge of the band itself along with Addasi, and with mixing and mastering by Brendan Duffey. The cover art and all the graphics were done by the artist Edu Nascimento. Photos by Pri Secco and layout by Alcides Burn.

The album will be available on streaming platforms on November 19, 2021. It will have a CD version through the French label Xenokorp, which has distribution in Europe and the US. The national version will be released through the labels Xaninho Discos, Tumba Records, Rock Brigade Records & Voice Music. In Argentina it will be on Pacheco Records, and in Peru on Xaria Music.

The tracklist for “Dug Up… Diabolical Reincarnations” will have the following tracks:

01-I Hate Your God
03-Putrid Pleasures
04-Pazuzu Is Here
05-Mighty Justice
06-Upside Down Crosses
07-The Urge To Feel Pain
08-Dark Chaotic Destruction
10-Pure Hemp
11-Scavengers Of The Underworld
12-Perish Slowly
13-The Devil’s Work

NervoChaos is formed by Brian Stone (vocals), Luiz “Quinho” Parisi (guitar), Woesley Johann (guitar), Pedro Lemes (bass) and Edu Lane (drums)

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