Dawn of Death Over Europe Tour 2024
Postado em 12/06/2024

DawnofdeathBeing a headbanger, being part of a Metal band and going on the road frequently is something intrinsic to NervoChaos. It is an important part of our lives and the relationships built over the days, weeks or months also serve as fuel for us to follow the path of destruction without a paddle and, therefore, we always celebrate and revere the road and the opportunity to experience these moments.

And it is with great pride that we announce for the month of August the “Dawn of Death Over Europe Tour” alongside the great At War, the American war machine considered the precursor of War Metal.

There will be 12 precise and targeted attacks that will take place in nine countries. Please note the dates and locations:
02.08 – Vagos (Portugal) – Vagos Metal Festival
03.08 – Madrid (Spain) – Sala Silikona
04.08 – Barcelona (Spain) – Sala Upload
05.08 – Montpellier (France) – Secret Place
07.08 – Bree (Belgium) – Ragnarok
08.08 – Leiden (Netherlands) – Rockafé Lazaru’s
09.08 – Schlotheim (Germany) – Partysan Festival*
25.08 – Malmö (Sweden) – Malmö Massacre Festival
26.08 – Stockholm (Sweden) – Fredagsmangel
27.08 – Oslo (Norway) – Revolver
29.08 – Gothenburg (Sweden) – The Abyss
30.08 – Naestved (Denmark) – Naestved Metal Fest*
*NervoChaos only

Art by Alcides Burn

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